My favourite products and services

Disclosure: I only recommend services that I use in my own business. This page contains some affiliate links and, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you choose to use these services, too.

Jelly Academy

I'll be teaching Google Ads and Google Analytics as an instructor in Jelly Academy's 6-week digital marketing training program. You'll learn all the marketing fundamentals to grow your business, including Facebook Ads, SEO, PR and more. This course is government accredited, and scholarships are available.

Save $500 on tuition with code JYLL-500.

Zoho CRM

When I started my business, I quickly outgrew the Google Spreadsheet I was using to keep track of all my leads, proposals, invoice, etc. I use free CRM software from Zoho (yup, FREE!) that works just like HubSpot, except, you know, free.

If you're a fellow freelancer, try Zoho CRM for free.


Create beautiful emails with Flodesk. I looked into multiple platforms when I launched my email newsletter, and chose Flodesk for its simplicity, great templates and affordability.

Get 50% off your subscription! Just $19/month, Was $38/month

I started using because I thought it would be funny, and was blown away by how well (and fast!) I could create ad copy, website text, value propositions and more. Now I use it daily for my business, and every business I work with. 

Start your free 7-day trial, I think you'll be just as impressed.

Google Ads

Get $100 when you spend $100 

(variations of this offer are available in most countries, but unfortunately not in Canada)