Google Ads Account Audit


Get a one-time full account review from a Google Ads expert (me!)

Your audit will be delivered within 72 hours, and will include a 1-page scorecard plus 2-4 pages of specific recommendations.

Note that with the account audit, no implementation work is included.

Questions? Feel free to contact me before purchasing.


How much is a Google Ads audit?


For accounts with up to 10 campaigns and/or up to 2 formats (Search, Shopping, Performance Max, etc.)

US$900 - Buy Now



For accounts with up to 15 campaigns and/or up to 3 formats

US$1,400 - Buy Now



For accounts with 15+ campaigns and/or 4+ formats

US$1,900 - Buy Now


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my account has 6 campaigns but 3 formats: Display, Search and Performance Max? Should I purchase Silver or Gold?

When you account falls into two different pricing tiers, the higher tier will be used.

In this example, 6 campaigns would be Silver tier and 3 formats would be Gold tier, so that account would need a Gold level account audit.


We have an MCC with multiple accounts, hundreds of campaigns, every format imaginable. Can you still do an audit for us?

Yes! Please contact me with a few more details and I'll put together a custom quote for you.


I'm a Canadian business owner like you, can I pay in CAD? Do I need to pay sales tax?

If you are a Canadian business who would like to pay in CAD, pleascontact me and let me know what province you're in. I will send you an invoice payable in CAD, which will include applicable taxes and my HST number.