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If you want to learn Google Ads at your own pace, using your own account and unique business goals, then you can book 1:1 coaching with me.

I coach marketers and entrepreneurs who want to understand the mechanics of how Google marketing works, and how to drive the best business results.

👉Agency & freelance marketers bring me their toughest client challenges to solve.
👉Business owners who are ready to own their ads destiny, rather than always relying on outsiders to grow their business, love my personalized, simplified teaching methods.
👉Marketing teams count on me to develop their paid acquisition expertise, saving time and money by bringing this key function in-house.

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Here's what some of my coaching clients have to say...

"Jyll mentored my startup specifically around how to optimize our paid search efforts on Google Ads. We cut our cost per conversion in half in our time together and I learned so many invaluable tips that I would never have come across otherwise. If you need help with marketing, Jyll is the best. Once you talk to her you'll immediately understand that you're dealing with a pro."
 Kareem El Menyawi, Tyltgo

"I hired Jyll as a digital marketing coach to build a Google strategy for my business. As someone who isn’t comfortable with analytics, Jyll helped break down & communicate highly complex data in a way that was easy to understand and action. If you’re looking for a Google SME or coach, there’s no one better in the industry. She really is The Google Pro!"
Anne Peacock, The Playful Peacock

"Jyll is truly a pro! She is incredibly talented at discovering the root issues on a website, and will suggest constructive strategies to tackle them. In a very short time of following Jyll's advice, my website conversion rate skyrocketed. She also help me find new ways of optimizing my site for search and overall user experience. I found her really easy to work with and highly recommend!"
Kyle Dine, Equal Eats

"Jyll is a phenomenal Marketing Consultant. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Educator, or Agency, she will take advertising for your business to the next level. She is equipped to provide answers and insights for every question I throw her way, and I continually come out of our sessions filled with new and valuable knowledge I can immediately implement into my digital marketing strategy."
Matt Dahly, RAZR Marketing

"I've been using Jyll's services since June 2020 and currently use her coaching service. She has excellent Google knowledge and has used this to help me in using Google to reach business goals. Highly recommend."
Michael Melleney, Irish Business Plans

"Unlike most marketers I've worked with, Jyll really provides actionable and tactical advice with measurable ROI. She's an amazing expert in digital advertising. Being an ex-Googler, she has a deep understanding of how things work and can be leveraged. Thanks to her help, we managed to kick off our first successful marketing initiatives."
JD Rocheteau, QuoteMachine

"This was the best money I have ever spent in my entire life."
Coach Jordan Hardgrave

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arrowBook 1:1 Google Ads coaching with me


Frequently Asked Questions

"What's included with in a coaching session?"

Your Google Ads coaching session is a 1-hour video call with me. During the call, you can share your screen with me, and we'll meet your objectives together, whether that's setting up a campaign, optimizing the account, working on your strategy, etc. 

After the call, you'll receive a meeting recording, and an AI-generated transcript and summary of our conversation.

"How many coaching sessions do I need?"

I meet with some clients just once, and others on a weekly basis. I am open to whatever schedule and frequency suits your learning objectives. See some examples of how marketers and business owners like you have used our time together.

"I need to meet with you ASAP! Can we meet sooner?"

My calendar shows my current availability. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist for a cancellation, book a time with me, then send me an email to let me know you'd like to be on the cancellation notification list.

Note: I can only add you to cancellation notification list once you have already paid and booked for a session.

"How should I prepare for our meeting?"

As long as you bring yourself and your Google Ads account, we'll be ready to go! During the meeting, you will share your screen with me, so there's no need to grant me access to your account. Some other things that are optional, but may be useful, are:

  • Google Analytics account
  • A list of specific questions
  • Context about your overall marketing activities
  • Context about your business objectives

"Can I pay via a method other than a credit card? Can I pay in my local currency? Can you provide a detailed receipt for expense purposes?"

Yes, yes, and yes! Send me an email with your request, and I will be happy to accommodate you.

"I have another question that's not answered here."

I would love to answer it for you. You can contact me before purchasing. If email's not your thing, my Instagram DMs are also open.

arrowBook 1:1 Google Ads coaching with me

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