Google Ads Training

Jyll – The Google Pro

If you want your employees to learn Google Ads at their own pace, using your account and unique business goals, then you can hire me as your personal Google Ads Trainer.

I train marketers everywhere from boutique agencies to Fortune 100 companies who want to understand the mechanics of how Google marketing works, and how to drive the best business results for themselves and/or their clients. These teams count on me to develop their paid acquisition expertise, and I enjoy creating a customized learning path for them. 

Here's what one marketer has to say about my Google Ads training: "I’ve worked with Jyll for a few months now and she truly is THE Google pro and an incredible teacher. She makes all things digital marketing (Google Ads, Google Analytics etc.) easy to understand and is super engaging. My digital ad experience was exactly zero and now I have the confidence to set up, run, optimize and analyze any digital campaign because of her training! If you are looking for training to help take your digital ads to the next level, Jyll’s got you. She’s awesome!"

In addition to being a Google Partner and former Google employee, I've taught Google Ads at Harvard Business School, Ivey School of Business, 3M, QuickBooks Connect and more. I created Inside Google Ads, an on-demand learning platform for entrepreneurs who can't afford my personalized services. And outside of my own business, I teach Google Ads & Google Analytics in Jelly Academy's government accredited digital marketing training course.

My Google Ads Training fees start at US$500. Please send me an email when you're ready to start working together.


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